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How to make money online or even to have money to burn

Nowadays there are lots of ways to have money to burn online and offline for free. You just have to find which method best suits you and start honing your skills in earning extra money or even tons of money. Who knows it can lead to a full-time job just like some people who started making money as a hobby and ended up as their main source of income, resigned from their boring jobs to focus on making more money online and enjoying at the same time because cash keeps flowing in their accounts. So how to have money to burn?

One way to have money to burn is simply by saving your money in the bank. I am not talking about the savings account or regular one. To earn additional income you have to invest in funds or put it on time deposits. Look for a bank that offers high percentage return when you invest your money in the bank and start waiting for your deposits to mature monthly or annually. Also, the good thing is that you can't just withdraw your deposits when you invest your cash in funds or time deposits compared to just savings account. Thus, this is one of the best ways to make money but sadly lots of people don't know or avoid this method.

Another way to have money to burn is to become a Youtube partner. If you like creating videos, this is your number one partner to make money online. It is easy to become a partner. You just have to produce your awesome, cool, funny, unique and most importantly original video. Videos about how to create something, talents in music, arts, cooking, etc. and playing games are some topics that people love to watch. So if you have one of these, I'm sure your video will get viral. Once you've been approved and reached $100 dollar threshold, they'll send it to your bank account and you can add the money in your time deposits if you like.

Well, you might say I'm not good at creating videos. Don't fret because there are other ways to have money to burn and that is writing great, interesting, original and awesome contents such as creating websites, how to do or make something, money matters, cooking, arts and crafts, gaming, etc. For this method, Google Adsense is your best ad network partner because they have a ready made template for making blogs which is blogger.com. You can choose the template that matches your contents and can add images and videos to make it very attractive and catchy to netizens. To be qualified in Adsense be sure to add lots of texts and images because Google meticulously check your blog and contents.

You can also have money to burn using your cameras. Start taking beautiful with high resolution photos and sell them online. Make it unique because there are plenty of people doing it. Now if you like to have an ad network partner, you can join flii.by. You can monetize your photos and share it to your social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. It is easy to join and make money with their platform. Once you've reached the $25 threshold they'll send it to your Paypal account. For other photographers, they have built their websites and post their tons of photos for free and accept donations or tell their followers to buy them a coffee.

The other way to have money to burn is by Freelancing which is becoming more and more popular because the freelancers get to work on their own time. If you're good at web developing, computer programming, writing, translating, designing, data entry, etc. this short term but high paying job is good for you. Visit freelancer.com, upwork.com and fiverr.com to start having money to burn.

For creative content creators who like to build their fans, you can join Patreon. This is one unique way to have money to burn because your subscribers or followers pledge their support for you. So if your a talented person and you want to make your audience and money at the same time, join this internet-based platform that allows you to create subscription based on your content service.

Be a publisher with the top ad networks to make money online or even to have money to burn

What's next after creating your awesome blog or website? The answer is to become a partner with the top ad networks in order to have money to burn. There are many high paying top ad networks but I think two of them are the best. Let's start with the two. Since Google is the best browser in the world, I'm sure that you will choose Adsense first. They pay the highest but it's difficult to be qualified because there are some factors they consider before approving your site. So to become one, you need to have rich contents on your website and build traffic on it. You get paid when you reach your $100 threshold through your bank account.

The second ad network to choose from is Media.net. It is a contextual ad network which is tied up with Yahoo and Bing. There is a high chance to make money when you're approved as one of their partners because Yahoo and Bing give instant access to the digital world benefiting the publishers and advertisers. Before applying though, you need to have a good quality content and high volume of traffic to meet the demand of their customers. Payment threshold is $100 via wire transfer or Paypal on a Net-30 payment term.

Other top and high paying ad networks are the following:

1. Propeller Ads has the highest CPMs and approves publishers easily even though you have very small traffic on your website. They pay their publishers on Net 30 days from the date the invoice is received and their minimum payout is $100 for Payoneer payments and $500 for wire transfers.

2. RevenueHits is a self-service platform for publishers. They approve accounts easily once you finish registering. Their minimum payment threshold is $20 for Paypal and Payoneer $500 for wire transfer on a net 30 basis.

3. Infolinks allows you to select their customizable and engaging ad units such as InFold, InTag, InText and In Screen so that you can have high income. Publishers are paid via Paypal, eCheck, ACH and Payoneer when they have reached a minimum payout threshold of $50 while $100 for wire transfer. 

4. Bidvertiser is a free program for publishers who like to display unobtrusive ads on their website and earn money by valid clicks and conversions generated from those clicks. Payments are sent via Paypal ($10) or check ($100) on a monthly basis within 30 days after the end of each calendar month. 

5. Clicksor has a famous contextual ad technology which chooses your keywords and uses advertisements that relevant to your contents. They offer three payment methods which are Paypal, check ($50) and wire transfer ($1,000). Payments are sent every Thursday of the week on a Net 15 schedule.

Build your web traffic to make money online or even have money to burn

Web traffic is the life blood of a website or blog. To have money to burn it is necessary to promote your blog and its content. So how do we create traffic? There are various ways to direct traffic into your website and you can use them all to be on top of the web browsers or google page rank when they search for your keywords.

Let's start with paid advertisements. Paid ads like Google Adwords, Facebook Adverts and Twitter Ads which are top social networking sites at the same time put you in front of their platforms. This gives you sure conversions of clicks and counts of traffic.

a) Google Adwords allows you to reach your target customers throught their text-based search ads, graphic display ads, YouTube video ads and in-app mobile ads. Also, you get to select your budget without signing a contract and cancel your campaign anytime.

b) Facebook Adverts are eye-catching, flexible and work on every device. The good thing is that you can choose your audience based on demographics, behaviours and contact information. You can reach lots of people with their cheap price of adverts.

c) Twitter Ads let you target your potential customers and grow your followers who will promote your website. The great thing about twitter ads is that you are only billed when someone completes an action connected to your campaign such as visiting or clicking your links. 

The second and free way to gain web traffic is promoting your blog contents to your friends and colleagues via social networking sites and emails. Let them know about your blogs by posting useful topics and requesting them to make comments or feedback. Organic traffic particularly having lists of emails is very effective in generating traffic to your website. 

In your social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vk, Google+, etc., create groups and communities that are related to your blog contents because your followers will be converted to web traffic. Create awesome videos and images with your link so they will click and visit it for sure.

The third and very important way to create web traffic on your website is your content. Viewers will keep on visiting your blog or website if you write contents that are useful and helpful to them. Contents that are helpful and useful to viewers create fast and real traffic because the viewers themselves are the ones who will be searching for the topic they need to use. So to write an interesting blog that is being searched every day, you need to consider top keywords online. Go to Google and look for the top keywords you can use in writing an article for your blog. Make it unique and specific so you won't have competitions. You can do this by building your own niche website.


How to make money online or even have money to burn with the best web hosting services

In order for your website or blog to be approved easily by the top ad networks such as Google Adsense, Media.net, Infolinks, Adsterra, Adblade, Undertone, Advertising.com, Creafi, Epom Market, etc., you need to spend money to buy your domain and choose the best web hosting service. The good news is that these web hosting services provide you lots and awesome templates for your niche website. You don't have to learn the ins and outs of doing html or php. It's like using your phone because all you have to do is drag and drop to make your cool website. So if your serious about having money to burn, here are the best web hosting services you can choose from:

Let's begin with GoDaddy. They have been operating since 1999 and considered to be the world's largest domain name registrar. What I like about GoDaddy are their promotions such as coupon code discounts, Website Builder which has beautiful and elegant templates to use and Get Found especially if your doing a business on your website because they help you look for customers on Google and Yelp. They also have good customer service so I recommend GoDaddy for starters.

Another option is Hostgator. It is an ideal source for shared web hosting which is easy and affordable and VPS solutions which are fast and optimal performance for bloggers. It is budget-friendly, fast, and stress-free to install Wordpress or transfer your DNS to make Hostgator as your Web hosting service. On top of that, they have on chat delivering customer service for 24/7, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

1&1 Web Hosting is one of the best web hosting providers in the market that you can choose from. They have good service and cheap pricing. You can even buy a domain for just $1 for the first year. There is no need for software installation when you use their service because you can freely pick from a variety of layouts with the click of your mouse, and customize to your website depending on your choice such as colors, images, multimedia elements and many more. 

If you haven't decided yet on your web host, the next to consider is Inmotion hosting. Inmotion lets you quickly create personal or professional websites. You can have a free domain when you purchase one of their major TLDs. They offer unlimited secure email via IMAP so you can easily access your email from anywhere and stay synced across multiple devices. Also, Inmotion is optimized for WordPress, allowing you to pre-install the popular CMS during checkout.

Still not convinced on the web hosts above, let's look at DreamHost then. DreamHost proudly hosts over 1.5 million websites, WordPress blogs and plenty of applications. They have an award-winning in-house support staff who are available all day, every day, via live chat, email and Twitter. You can easily build your own website with their Remixer, click-to-edit site builder. It's also quick because you select a theme, customize it and get online in minutes.

NOTE: Nowadays Google Adsense does not approve websites easily so I suggest that you focus on your niche content.

Top categories on YouTube to choose from to make money online or even have money to burn

On the YouTube channel setting you get to choose different categories such as Autos & Vehicles, Comedy, Education, Entertainment, Film & Animation, Gaming, Howto & Style, Music, News & Politics, Nonprofits & Activism, People & Blogs, People & Animals, Science & Technology, Sports and Travel & Events for your upload defaults. Among these choices, which do you think is the best category to have money to burn? Do you think it's music? Well, if you have an awesome voice and can write your own songs, you can be a star in an instant because YouTube can make it viral. For now, let's exclude talents because not all of us are born actors and singers. Let's focus on being an ordinary but can do things that are extraordinary in order to have money to burn on YouTube. Here are the top categories to choose from to have money to burn.

The number one that I'd like to recommend is gaming particularly video gaming. In our digital world that we are living right now video gaming has become very popular not only for kids but also for teens and adults. Take for example the highest paid YouTube star PewDiePie who has more than 50 million subscribers. It is reported that he earns $15 million for just commenting with his own style while playing video games. Another highest paid YouTube star on video gaming is Markiplier. He has 16.8 million plus subscribers and $5.5 million income. With these two top earners on YouTube I am sure now that you'll consider doing video games.

Interested on something else, why not try Entertainment. If you're good at making people laugh, you can make viral, cool and funny videos. These types of videos easily get shared on social networking sites. Check Roman Atwood who has an income of $8 million and has 11.8 million subscribers. Start making pranks like Roman Atwood, build your million family members and earn tons of money on YouTube. 

Comedy is the third category to have money to burn on YouTube. Visit Superwoman Lilly Singh who has 11.2 million subscribers and earns $7.5 million income. She does various things on her videos such as comedic sketches and music videos. Get your cam now and start making your funny videos and share it online. Who knows, you'll be the next superwoman. 

Shy to do it alone. You can choose your partner to form a comedy duo like Smosh. It is a comedy duo by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. They have 22.5 million subscribers in their channel Smosh and $7 million income. 

The fourth category that most YouTube viewers are attracted to is Howto & Style. Watch Rosanna Pansino's videos on her Nerdy Nummies about baking channel. She has 8 million plus subscribers and earns $6 million. This is what Google is talking about which is turning your passion into income. If you're good at doing something, why not try recording them and published it on YouTube. You might be the next YouTube star.

How to make money online or even have money to burn by building backlinks

In this part of the post let's scrutinize what backlinks are and their importance to a website or blog. We will also talk about how we build them in order to have money to burn. Are backlinks still necessary? How do we build them? Is it advisable to buy backlinks from other websites? These are just some questions that this post aims to expose.

To begin with, let's define backlinks. Backlinks or Inbound Links are incoming links from different webpages or websites. They are hyperlinks that lead to your website from another website. To put it simply they are links directed to your website.

Next is its history. Google Search considered backlinks as very important factors in ranking the pages of websites. The more backlinks you have the higher your rank will be in the search engine. But after sometime some website creators found some loopholes on using backlinks as basis. You can search from other websites that they sell backlinks so Google made some changes. But of course backlinks are still vital for websites in order to have money to burn because they are the nitrous of every successful CEO campaign and your link juice to search engines.

What exactly are the benefits of backlinks?

1. Backlinks will in crease your page rank. One consideration, basis or factor that Google checks is your backlinks. The more backlinks you have the higher your rank will be. It is a sign that your website is alive and kicking or meaning active.

2. Backlinks increase your trustworthiness to the almighty Google algorithm. The fact that many websites link to your website means they trust you.

3. Backlinks will ensure you cash flow. The more backlinks you have the more money you will make because this will surely convert to more visits. If there are lots of visits, there will also be clicks and conversions.