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News Vocabulary from A to Z 

Check these words taken from news headlines around the world such as CNN, BBC, MSN, Yahoo, VOA, NY Times, Bangkok Post, Aljazeera, Washington Post, abcnews, etc.

Letter a

Alzheimer's - a disease of the brain that mainly affects old people and results in the gradual loss of memory, speech, movement, and the ability to thinkclearly:

The Differences Between Alzheimer’s And Dementia

Dementia and Alzheimer's disease may share many of the same symptoms, but the two are not different names for the same condition. Here’s what you need to know about both in order for you to avoid this common mistake.
Dementia is a syndrome, or a group of symptoms that consistently occur together. It is not a specific disease. The term “dementia” is used to describe a set of symptoms that can include memory loss, difficulty thinking, problem solving, or issues with language. Dementia is caused by damage to the brain cells, and because Alzheimer’s is a disease that destroys the brain, it is one of the most common causes of dementia.

ammo - objects that can be shot from a weapon, such as bullets or shells

Ammo sales are slumping under Trump

The ammo shortage that once confronted gun owners is a distant memory.

agony - extreme physical or mental pain or suffering:

​Brad Pitt Opens Up About the Agony of Watching His Kids See Their Family Get "Ripped Apart"

​Brad appears on the cover of GQ Style's Summer issue, and the interview with writer Michael Paterniti offers an in-depth look into how he's coped with the end of his and Angelina's two-year marriage and 12-year relationship, as well as the struggles their six children now face.

letter b

brink - the point where a new or different situation is about to begin

Mosul Dam No Longer on Brink of Catastrophe

After six months of intensified repairs, Iraqi officials claim the massive Mosul Dam has been saved from impending disaster.

bromance - a close, friendly, but not sexual relationship between two men :

Amid Putin ‘bromance,’ Steven Seagal banned from Ukraine as national security threat

Steven Seagal, the American actor best known for his role in '90s action movies like “Hard to Kill” and “Under Siege,” has been blacklisted from the Ukraine as a national security threat.

The Trump-Duterte Bromance
Trump's praise for Duterte indicates Washington's growing emphasis on strategic interests over value promotion.

​The Trump-Duterte bromance, and the ghastly realities of wars on drugs

During his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump boasted that “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” On the 100th day of his presidency, Trump invited Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who has said that he used to roam the streets on a motorcycle looking for criminals to kill, to the White House.

letter c

censors - to remove anything offensive from books, films, etc., or to removeparts considered unsuitable from private letters, especially ones sentduring war or from a prison:

Iran TV Censors Rouhani Documentary Ahead of Elections

TEHRAN, IRAN — Iran's state TV Saturday censored a documentary released by President Hassan Rouhani's campaign, ahead of the upcoming presidential election.

custody - the legal right or duty to care for someone or something,especially a child after its parents have separated or died:

​Ohio Teen Accused of Killing Allegedly Abusive Dad Will Remain in Custody Until Her Trial

​Bresha Meadows, the 15-year-old Ohio girl accused of killing her father last year to stop his alleged abuse, will remain in custody until her trial later this month, PEOPLE confirms.

letter d

dementia -a medical condition that affects especially old people, causing the memory and other mental abilities to gradually become worse, and leading to confused behaviour:

​6 Foods That Could Increase Your Dementia Risk (and What to Eat Instead)

Recent studies have shown certain foods can actually contribute to brain health while others have been linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

dossier - a collection or file of documents on the same subject, especially acomplete file containing detailed information about a person or topic

Spy behind Trump dossier says info was never meant for public eyes.

drag - to move something by pulling it along a surface, usually the ground:

​Buffett says United made a mistake in its initial response to dragged passenger

​Buffett, whose company has a stake in United, told CNBC he wondered if CEO Oscar Munoz had seen the video of passenger Dr. David Dao being dragged from his seat before making his response.


Letter e

elusive - difficult to find

US military is ending the role in hunt for elusive African warlord Joseph Kony.

evacuate - to move people from a dangerous place to somewhere safe:

​Hanover evacuates 50,000 after three giant WW2 bombs found on building site

​Some 50,000 people were evacuated from their homes after three WW2 bombs were discovered on a building site in Germany.

Letter F

filibuster - the use of irregular or obstructive tactics by a member of a legislative assembly to prevent the adoption of a measure generally favored or to force a decision against the will of the majority.

But McConnell - who pledged last month to keep the filibuster - said the move would "fundamentally change the way the Senate has worked for a very long time. We're not going to do that."

​frenzy -  (an example of) uncontrolled and excited behaviour or emotionthat is sometimes violent:

Humpbacks Block Killer Whale Feeding Frenzy in Wild Video

​A pod of killer whales is stalking baby grey whales off Monterey Bay in California, but a patrolling group of humpback whales is doing everything in its power to foil the killer whales' attacks.


Letter g

gravitate - to be attracted to or move toward something:

Pakistan’s Emerging Threat: Highly Educated Youth Gravitate to Radicalization

WASHINGTON — The on-campus mob slaying of a journalism student and the arrest of a female medical student for allegedly planning a suicide attack underscore concerns that some of Pakistan’s highly educated youth are gravitating toward violent extremism and radicalization.

letter h

heiress - a woman or girl who will receive or already has received a lot of money, property, or a title from another person, especially an older member of the same family, when that person dies:

​Meet the mysterious 35-year-old In-N-Out heiress who just became one of the youngest billionaires in America

​Thirty-five-year-old Lynsi Snyder just gained full control of one of the most popular burger chains in the US: In-N-Out.

homophobic - unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals and homosexuality.

Stephen Colbert was lambasted for 'homophobic' attack on Trump.

Letter i

immigrant - a person who has come to a different country in order to live there permanently:

Company took advantage of immigrants, then used law against them.

Immigrant Detainees Staged Hunger Strike Over Oregon Jail Conditions 

​(SALEM, Ore.) - Pro-immigrant activists and the legal director of the ACLU of Oregon said Friday that officials appear to be breaking state law by holding people for federal immigration authorities at an Oregon jail where several of the detainees this week ended a hunger strike over what they called horrible conditions.

imminent - coming or likely to happen very soon:

​Tiny, adorable baby animal rescued from imminent doom by hero Arizonans

​A starving, struggling otter in Arizona was nursed back to health after utility workers plucked it from a canal on the outskirts of Phoenix. 

investigate - to examine a crime, problem, statement, etc. carefully, especiallyto discover the truth:

U.N. Expert Wants to Investigate Philippines Drugs Murders But Will Not Debate Rodrigo Duterte

​​A United Nations expert who irked the Philippines with a surprise visit said on Saturday she was keen to return and investigate alleged summary killings, but only if President Rodrigo Duterte drops his condition that she must hold a debate with him.

letter j

junkie - someone who wants to have or do something all the time:

Fast food junkies aren’t predominantly poor, most come from the middle class 

The myth that those in a lower socio-economic class eat more unhealthy food than others has been disproved by a new study.

letter k

kidnap - to take a person away illegally by force, usually in order to demand money in exchange for releasing them:

Kidnapped girls released from Boko Haram               

Officials say more than 80 young girls kidnapped three years ago by the terrorist group Boko Haram have now been released. 

letter L

​lore - 1. the body of knowledge, especially of a traditional, anecdotal, or popular nature, on a particular subject:
2. learning, knowledge, or erudition.
3. Archaic. the process or act of teaching; instruction, something that is taught; lesson

With 53-point performance, Isaiah Thomas is looking for his place in Celtics lore.

lure - the quality or power that something or someone has that makes it, him, or her attractive:

​Isis tells terrorists to use Craigslist and eBay to lure hostages by listing items for sale

​Isis have urged its followers to use sales websites like Craigslist and eBay to lure unsuspecting victims to their homes before taking them hostage and killing them.


Letter M

miffed - . annoy, provoke, irritate, vex

Wade Phillips has had a long and successful career as a defensive coordinator. But as a head coach, things haven’t worked out so well, and he’s still miffed over the way things went down during his last full-time head-coaching job, in Dallas.

misogyny - hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women, or prejudice against women

Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that she's taking responsibility for her 2016 election loss but believes misogyny, Russian interference and questionable decisions by the FBI also influenced the outcome.

​strides - a step forward in development or progress

​Pharmaceutical research makes strides against malaria.

Letter p

picturesque - (especially of a place) attractive in appearance, especially in an old-fashioned way:

A municipality in Khon Kaen aims to save its picturesque old railway station from demolition and move it to a new site to create a tourist attraction.

preps - preparation or to prepare

Samsung joins the self-driving car race as it preps for testing in South Korea.

procurement - the process of getting supplies:

The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority is required to review its rehabilitation plan following the delay in the procurement of 489 natural gas vehicle buses.

Letter r

rekindle - to make someone have a feeling that they had in the past:

​Inside Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's Rekindled Relationship: 'There's Hope They'll Get Back Together Permanently'

​After nearly two years of being separated, “there seems to be hope that they will get back together permanently,” a source tells PEOPLE exclusively.

repeal - If a government repeals a law, it causes that law no longer to have any legal force.

Eric Cantor explains all those other votes to repeal Obamacare

After Republicans regained the House of Representatives in 2010, there were dozens of votes to repeal part or all of Obamacare, with most of them passing. 

rocked - If a person or place is rocked by something such as an explosion, the force of it makes the person or place shake:

Two bomb blasts killed at least two people and wounded at least six others Saturday in the Philippine capital, police told CNN. The explosions rocked the Quiapo district of Manila, police said, according to CNN Philippines.

Barcelona rocked as Lionel Messi rejects new multimillion Euro contract

Lionel Messi, Barcelona's all-time record goalscorer, has rejected the offer of a new contract to throw his future at the Nou Camp into significant doubt.

Letter S

scion - a descendant, child, issue, offshoot, progeny

Red Bull scion Vorayuth Yoovidhya, the suspect in a brutal hit-and-run case in which a police officer was killed, gave authorities the slip once again by leaving Thailand for an unknown destination on April 25, just two days before he was due to answer charges over the 2012 incident.

Letter u

uphold - to defend or keep a principle or law, or to say that a decision that has already been made, especially a legal one, is correct:

Top court upholds death sentence for rape that shocked India

NEW DELHI (AP) — India's top court on Friday upheld the death sentences of four men who were convicted in the fatal gang-rape and torture of a 23-year-old medical student on a moving bus in the Indian capital nearly five years ago.

letter W

watershed - an event or period that is important because it represents a big change in how people do or think about something:

French voters will pick a new president on Sunday, choosing between young centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen in a watershed election for the country and Europe.